Semalt: Watch Out For A Trojan Virus!

A Trojan is one of the most common types of malware. Nik Chaykovskiy, the Senior Customer Success Manager of Semalt, explains that cyber criminals use it to steal your personal information and gain access to the victims' computer systems. It would not be wrong to say that people know how malware and viruses can affect their computer devices. Unfortunately, they don't know how dangerous these things are and how to avoid them in a better way.

What is a Trojan Virus?

Trojan is a particular type of computer virus that affects your system and files; it can corrupt the data in no time and attempt to propagate itself to other computers and devices and smartphones by infecting USBs and similar data transfer devices. Trojans infect a large number of machines and can cause severe damages for you.

How Trojans Work

Just like the Trojan Horse, the Trojan viruses and malware appear in the form of pop-up windows and infect your computer system in no time. They may also take the form of an email attachment; once you allow them to get opened, they can spread the virus in your machine. That is why you should never open the unknown emails and their attachments. Once the Trojan gains access to your personal computer, it can control and infect all of your files. There are chances that Trojans will damage your whole computer system or some of its files. It can be dangerous if you are using your computer system for financial transactions as Trojans will send your credit card numbers or banking information to hackers within seconds. Trojans are widely used by hackers and online attackers to steal others' money and sensitive files. They act like your computer zombies, allowing hackers to use your internet password or computers for launching cyber-attacks all over the world.

How to Protect Yourself

Trojans always need your permission before accessing your computer device, either you are running it yourself or opening in the form of a Word document or email attachment. With that in mind, the most popular and powerful defense is not to open email attachments or run any unknown programs. When you are not sure of anything, you are better to keep yourself away from these files; you should not download files or software from unknown websites. It is also important that you keep your programs and software updated; avoid using old versions of antivirus software as they can cause serious problems for you. To keep your internet and WiFi passwords safe, it is important to change the username and passwords twice a week. Both hardware and software firewalls can help control dangerous web traffic and stop Trojans from getting downloaded from unknown places.


All of these things are easy to remember, but there is no way to get rid of Trojans and viruses. Even when you have installed antivirus software and malware programs, you cannot remove Trojans. These programs come in different forms, various packages and cannot be avoided by the whole. The top-notch security packs are unable to remove Trojans from your computers; instead, they let you specify what kind of precautions and protections you need. It is important to disable and uninstall all useless software. With these things, you can keep your computer safe from both viruses and Trojans to a great extent.